Toyota Tundra Presents Brooks & Dunn


Execute Toyota Tundra’s sponsorship of Brooks & Dunn on the duo’s popular summer country music tours. In particular, create an experience that engages fans before, during and after each show, to build consumer knowledge and interest for Tundra’s core demographic and ultimately drive vehicle sales.


Entertain country music fans across the country at over 350 shows from 2007 through 2010 at some of the most well-known arenas and amphitheaters in the country. Connect fans to the Toyota Tundra brand at tour stops on-site in the Tundra Territory through a variety of interactive stations such as airbrush tattoos, photo ops and premium giveaways. Coordinate special promotions on-site through radio and local dealerships, including VIP seating and passes to meet Brooks & Dunn.


In the span of four years, Toyota Tundra’s sponsorship for Brooks & Dunn delivered an average of 443,000,000 impressions per year and exceeded Toyota’s opt-in and impression rate by 25%. With flawless production and ingenuity this marriage between brand and artist was executed for four years taking this partnership to an unparalleled level.