Toyota Retreat, Women's Initiative


Create an environment that caters to the desires of women who seek an escape from their busy lives, and crave connection and desire memorable experiences with friends. Develop an entertaining and interactive program that engages consumers with the Toyota brand while communicating the distinct features of the highlighted vehicles on-site.


Welcome women into the Toyota Retreat by immersing them in an energy-filled atmosphere designed to encourage personal connections, promote relaxation, and inspire creativity. Interact with other women of like-mind in and around the Toyota vehicles that speak directly to their lifestyle. 


The program delivered an affective, organic activation for the Toyota Women’s Initiative that has resulted in over 135,000 brand engagements and an excess of 381 million brand impressions.  Events have included Wanderlust Vermont, Colorado, Lake Tahoe and Austin, the San Francisco and Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fairs, Martha Stewart - American Made in NYC, Pecan Street Festival in Austin, and the acclaimed One of a Kind Show and Sale in Chicago.