Understanding the Consumer

Before you can engage a consumer you have to understand them. Getting into their head is the only way to uncover the invaluable knowledge that fuels strategic thinking, drives the creative process and feeds the targeted approach in an authentic and meaningful way.

Making the Connection

I believe in the power of conversation. Not just any conversation, honest, authentic and REAL conversation.

In both the physical and digital world, I take brands from passive presence to active engagement and have helped some of the biggest names in the world produce unique and memorable interactions that get consumers talking. My strategy uses a blend of unconventional and traditional approaches that steer the conversation by giving consumers an experience that transcends the moment creating brand relationships that last a lifetime.  

Deliver Insight and Results

I believe that all results should be measurable because, without measure, how can one truly understand the value of your marketing dollars?

  • Enhance brand image by creating presence and maximizing awareness.
  • Extend brand marketing campaigns through non-traditional means.
  • Appeal to consumers’ senses and create strong emotional bonds.
  • Provide interactive experiences for products and services.
  • Attract new customers as well as extend brand loyalty of existing ones.
  • Encourage product adoption through on-site trials, sampling, and contests.
  • Drive brand loyalty and create lead-generation opportunities for sales teams.

Results are driven by an approach fueled by inspiration and insight


I am designer of experiences and an architect of ideas, focused on pushing creative boundaries and shaping brand experience through my passion for innovation and commitment to developing unique and unconventional marketing strategies. I also understand that even the most creative idea won’t succeed if it isn't well managed. Logistics, implementation and execution are just as important as a brilliant concept. My commitment to merging my creative passion with practical application sums up who I am: creatively fueled, logistically driven. 

Core Capabilities

• B2C Events & Mobile Marketing, Promotion Strategy Development
• Hands-On Event Operations, Logistics & Execution
• Sponsorship Development and Execution
• Media Strategy and Execution (Includes Radio, TV, Print, Social and Digital)
• Business Development

• Managing Vendor & Client Relationships
• Organize Multiple Teams Across Projects
• Staff Hiring, Training & Field Management

• Project Management, Workflow & Timelines
• Collaboration with Stakeholders, SMEs and Executives
• Documentation, Tracking, Measurement and Reporting
• Budget Management and Reconciliation

Industry experience: Clothing, Automotive, Insurance, Radio, Television Networks, Touring and Entertainment Properties, Non-Profits, Marketing and Ad Agencies 

Specialties: Project Management, Event Marketing, Event Management and Execution, Strategy, Business Development, Branding, Vendor Management,Production, Logistics, Creative Direction, Integrated Campaigns, Consumer Engagement, Client Services, Account Management, Strategic Marketing